Free Spins

Many players has a big passion for free spins also known as free rounds.

These free spins is popular because they are free, the casino basically credit you spins to be played on various video slots, so you can try play without spending your own money. Take your time to have a look on our top list of casinos where you can collect free spins and other amazing bonus offers!

How to withdrawal your free spins?

When you claim a casino bonus, this will more than often always has some kind of wager requirement before it can be withdrawable. The wager requirement is various from casino bonus to casino bonus and site to site. Always keep in mind to read threw the casino bonus terms, so that you will know what requirements there is to your free spins.

Once you know how much you need to wager the free spins winnings from the casino bonus, we always recommend that you play on certain video slots, mainly those who has a high return to player value also known as RTP. The RTP value is beneficial mainly because that indicates the video slots will have a theoretical higher payout value on the money you wager.  With a bit of luck you will hopefully be able to convert the casino bonus successfully and make a withdrawal in the end.

No deposit free spins

Please be aware free spins also is not the same as the term free money.  free spins on a video slot does not have same value as free money, since you can never determine the actual outcome on the free spins, free money on the other hand is a fixed value that you receive based usually on a performance like depositing.

With that being said the casino usually do not ending up making any money on these free spins being handed out, since this is something they give away for free not demanding a deposit. So with that being said there is more than often terms to these casino bonuses before it can be withdrawn. Always keep this in mind when claiming free spins.

The reason casinos also have the special casino bonus terms is as a safety measurement to prevent abusive behaviors, so if you would win on your no deposit free spins and cannot withdraw the funds, do not worry since you more than certainly still need to wager the casino bonus before being able to withdraw the funds. This is a standard procedure that mainly all casinos has on the market

Free spins on deposit

As you probably noticed there is a lot of free spins to be claimed without having to deposit, what is even better is that there is more free spins offers to be claimed if you deposit.

There is really not a rocket science that online casinos has the ambition of wanting to earn money as a main priority, with that being said you will receive a lot of many different exciting offers from casinos when you choose to deposit.

We want to be firm that free spins on deposit always give you the best value for money, if you want to receive big casino bonuses that doesn´t have any strange terms to them.  If you compare these free spins demanding a deposit instead of the no deposit free spins as earlier mentioned, the free spins on deposit will more than certainly improve your chance to hit the big wins in the end. Mainly because they have much lower wager requirements which will lead to the fact it is easier to convert them into cash faster.

Free spins on deposit is something that usually is combined together with the casino bonus money that you receive on your first deposits. So you will have a bigger bankroll from start and can play higher bets and on more various games with the casino bonus money right away.

Where can I receive free spins today?

Do you love free spins as much as we do? Then you definitely entered the best site. We have listed all of the top free spins offers, so you will find what fits you best.

If you like adventure gaming, reward systems or classical video slots there is more than certainly something for you here. Just click on the casino you want to try out, sign up your free account today and start your journey towards the big winnings with your exciting free spins offer.

We would also like to recommend you entering the page called casino bonus on Bonuscrown, here you can find various casino bonus offers from NetEnt, MicroGaming, PlayNGo casinos and many others. You can also check our page called new casinos, here you will find all new casinos on the market with all their different offers. Maybe you already know what site you prefer? Then we recommend you looking into our casino reviews.

Free spins in the mobile

As many of the casino sites we listed has Net Entertainment as provider, they will also usually have free spins in the mobile. Many of the casino sites providing Net Entertainment is mobile customized.

All free spins offers you will find in our top lists on this site will work both in your mobile and desktop. The only difference is that you will have to enter the casino from your mobile in order to use the free spins. Many different mobiles support online casinos today, but most people use either Android or IPhone today.

Free spins on IPhone or IPad

One of the most common tools on the market to play online casinos is IPhone, IPad or MacBook pro. The benefit of playing your free spins on IPhone or IPad is that you get a different feeling, the video slots becomes more alive and it feels more like playing for real, since you use your fingers to spin the wheels.

The sound and graphic is usually much better on apple products, they usually have really good screens. This especially applies on IPad but also IPhone6 Plus and IPhone 7 which have screens of top quality.

Free spins on Android

As long you have a modern smartphone, you will receive free spins on Android devices. The most common Android models today is Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google Nexus and Lenovo.

These have pre-installed flash players which will give you the optimal gaming experience.

With a good 3G/4G connection you will definitely not experience any lag or other disturbing things. Always check how good your connection is before start to play, you want to make sure not to miss out on a big win due to technical connection issues.

Turnover and rules

How do you wager free spins or a casino bonus? This is one of the most frequently common questions being asked to us here on Bonuscrown.  We will now try once for all to make an answer that everyone will understand and give a clear example.

Here is the example:

You have just signed up to a casino, becoming a new member. As a new member you received 10 free spins upon registration in the game Starburst, these free spins are totally free not demanding any deposit. Once played these 10 free spins you totally won €10 on them. You are now trying to withdrawal your €10 that you won, but you then realize these has a wager requirement of 20 times the casino bonus amount being won from the 10 free spins.

Before these €10 can be withdrawn you need to wager them €10×20 = €200. The only way to wager these €10 is to continue play. Every bet you make will contribute lowering the wagering requirement slowly more and more. For example, you bet €1 and the wager requirement is now €199. So only your bets will lower the requirement.

In order to be informed how much you have left to wager, you can either contact the customer support, or enter your my account page where there usually is a casino bonus tab, here you should be able to follow your wagering process.