Roulette is one of the most popular live casino games that you can play. The live casino game is doing well both online and live. The game is recognized on the playing field where you place your chips on different game zones. The croupier then spins the roulette wheel and puts in the ball. The ball then determines which players won and who lost.

Roulette in the mobile

Roulette is great when playing on your mobile phone or on the tablet. However the range of roulette games is less on the mobile compared to the desktop, but the quality is the same. Also be advised many roulette gaming providers has actively choose to simplify the roulette table when playing in the mobile, the reason for this is because they want to make the games more user friendly since the screen is smaller on mobile. Almost all mobile casinos carry one or more variants of roulette games to select.

Live Casino Roulette

Roulette is most fun when playing in the live casino. When talking about live casino, we basically mean live casino as you play online with a webcam directed at a roulette table croupier, and where the player is at home or via the phone playing. It is definitely a different feeling to play roulette at live casino and has a charm that is difficult to capture in fully digitized games. You can also interact with the croupier who can answer and talk with the players at your own discretion. The live casino game is at the same rate as if you were to play roulette at a real casino because the croupier works just the same way.

Bonuses for roulette players

If you want to play with a really big casino bonus, there are plenty of options among our best casino bonus offers. Your casino bonus money that you receive through the deposit match casino bonus is offered for new casino players in the welcome package. This casino welcome bonus is very useful to play on roulette with. Many players uses roulette as a game to bet aggressively on in the hope of win big using casino bonuses. Once that big win hits, they will go on playing video slots to start wager there casino bonus faster.

Different bonus terms for roulette

Roulette Rules

The rules for Roulette are not very many and hardly difficult to understand. The game is based on placing chips on the game table and holding the thumbs that the ball that the croupier puts in the roulette wheel should land on the correct number. In the wheel you will see the numbers 0-36 which you also see in the middle of the game board. Then you can also choose to play even or odd, on red numbers or black numbers, or maybe all numbers from 1-18.

Roulette Payout Structure

Let’s say you start of by putting a €10 bet on the color red, if you deny the green zero, you will now have 50% chance of winning because half of all numbers are red and the other half are black. The payout is therefore set to double the money if you win such a 50/50 bet. If you play single-number bet instead like for example €10 on number 11 you will have a 1/36 chance of winning, and you then will win 36 times the amount you bet. Now if you were to lose this single-number bet and then decides to again play on number 11, the chance of winning will still be 1/36. This logic follows the payment instructions for all possible games on roulette.

Number Zero

The zero is the number of the casino. If someone played on red or black, odd or even, or any other than 0 then all the money will be deposited in the pocket of the casino. If there is not a zero on the table, then roulette would be a zero-sum game, neither player nor casino has any advantage. But since zero is available, the casino has a small advantage against all players.

Roulette Variants

There is a couple of various different roulette games, most of them looks like the same and doesn´t various a lot. The main roulette variants is European roulette and American roulette. The main difference is that on American roulette there is a double zero, only increasing the casinos chance of winning. European roulette or French roulette is the most popular version that many are used to.

When you enter a casino site you will also notice they have many different equal types of roulette tables, mainly the difference is usually the bet sizes for the table, for example one table has a minimum limit on €1 and another has €100 minimum, all depending on what type of player you are.

Roulette Strategies

Roulette is to be honest a random generated winning game, there is no real strategies to how you can win over the house, it all comes down to pure luck. There is no “hot “number or “cold “number strategy. So simply bet on your favorite number or gut feeling then keep the fingers crossed.


There are many players who is trying the Martingale system. Martingale is a strategy where you bet let’s say €1 on red. If you win, then you will bet €1 again. You always bet €1 as long as you win. Should you lose, you double your bet to €2. If you lose again you double to €4. The idea is that you will win back what you lose by constantly doubling and then restarting. Many claim that the Martingale system works well, but never forget that every spin at a roulette table is completely independent of the previous spin. In theory, all future roulette sneakers could end up in red, making it stupid to play for any system